Phase 2 : Glasgow, May 2018

Phase 2 of Over Over Over is based on Detroit artists visiting the city of Glasgow during May 2018. Being informed about the Scottish city through texts, anecdotes and websites, their presence will result in not just a presentation of their individual practices and ideas, but also an exchange of artists strategies. Tackling the common challenges of the two locations brings up questions such as how to embrace progress as failure or what possible forms can a supportive network take.

Corrie Baldauf
Olayami Dabls
Michaela Mosher
Andrew Thompson

(as well as artwork by Graem Whyte and Faina Lerman)

Auction supporting the realisation of Phase 2 (29.10.2017)

An Opinionated Primer to Glasgow (in progress)

Project Log:

Detroit Drawing Meeting notes (21.12.2017)