(Above: Still from video by Ross Sinclair)

(Below: Vinyl by Tessa Lynch, banners and car magnets by Ross Sinclair)

July 11th - August 8th, 2015 

An Exhibition at Simone DeSousa Gallery (formerly Re:View Contemporary) (including more overall shots of this exhibition)

(Counters and gauges as part of Rosie O’Grady’s works, wall pieces and vinyl by Tessa Lynch, painting and sculpture installation by John Nicol)

(Banners as part of Ross Sinclair’s works, Francis McKee in front of his photo and a wall piece by Tessa Lynch.)

(A wall piece by Tessa Lynch, sculpture installation by John Nicol, phoographs and risograph publication by Francis McKee )

Selected individual works organized by artist:

Tessa Lynch

  1. “Vitrine”
    1 of 3 vinyl installations, variable sizes

  2. “Plant on Plinth”, vinyl outdoor installation

  3. “Erotic Tower”, Birch plywood and acrylic
    1 of 3 wall pieces, ranging from 1 to 2 feet wide

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Francis McKee

  1. Writing published as a free risograph edition, Issue 0.

    An excerpt from 1 of 3 of the writings: “Detroit 72.2.8”

  2. A Photo from the Series “Mackintosh Building, Glasgow School of Art, 2014-15“ Related: “The Strange Vitality of Wreckage”

  3. A Photo from the Series “The Occupation of Taksim Square, Istanbul 2013.”
    Including the image next to the Risograph, A4 & A3 photographs

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The Occupation of Taksim Square, Istanbul 2013

Mackintosh Building, Glasgow School of Art, 2014-15

John Nicol

  1. “Good Times, Bad Times” Enamel on mechanical watch, mixed media
  2. “Nocturne in Black, Gold, Peach and Blue” Acrylic on canvas

  3. “Good Times, Bad Times” Performance

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Rosie O’Grady

  1. “Troika, Glass Eye, Augury”
    July 2015

    i. Troika
    The Greek economy has been faltering. Greek banks are on the brink of insolvency and cash withdrawals have been restricted. This week Greece faces an ultimatum; revise the gait of financial reform or find themselves set adrift from the currency union. Reporting alternates between discrete data and speculation.

    ii. Glass Eye

    Mark tells me of an opticians on Duke Street who specialise in glass eyes. He has a friend whose job it is to paint them. One patient returns periodically with the complaint that his false eye doesn't match the surviving eye. The patient is a heavy drinker and smoker, and the single working eye is gradually waning. Responsible only for the two divergent eyes (rather than the patient's general well-being), the opticians treat his predicament in increments by painting the glass eye bespoke yellow, in accordance with his declining health.

    iii. Augury

    There was a time the fortune of Greece fell upon the augur to forecast. An ancient practice of observation and interpretation of the flight, cry and feeding of birds foretold the favour of the gods. Dividing the sky, these divine signs were read in response to specific political and social questions addressing war, government, harvest and so on. Chicken entrails, weather, sneezes and creaks in furniture likewise could determine a course of action. The augur articulated an enquiry with a binary answer; it's reciprocal question, an insurance policy. Hence, 'Should Greece advance into this territory?', and 'Should Greece not advance into this territory?' The augur sought a consistent response across these opposing proposals.
  2. Off-site installations: “Hygrothermograph” & “Rain Gauge”2 of 4 different gauges, the others included a bird feeder installed onto Simone DeSousa Gallery, and five rain gauges installed at different artist-run venues.

  3. Pedometer data collection sheetsEach gauge had an accompanying data sheet to be filled out by the visitors.

    Pedometers were worn by the staff of Avalon Bakery (the business right next door) during the run of the exhibition.

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Ross Sinclair

  1. “Real Life Glasgow vs. Real Life Detroit: Streets”, Painted car magnets
    In collaboration with Cedric Tai for the Porous Borders Festival put on by The Hinterlands.

  1. “Ross & The Realifers - Real Life Glasgow vs. Real Life Detroit” (used as the background for the site, the link above is the full version.)

  2. “Real Life Glasgow vs. Real Life Detroit”, bannersCollaborative top 10 lists of local political parties, art galleries, women artists, activists, food and songs.

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