An Opinionated Primer to Glasgow

(As sent to the Detroit-based artists - Sent back in 2016)

Initiative bibliography of interesting things to become immersed in that will give a MUCH better understanding of the city than any all encompassing documentary.

Things to check out:

This Organization:


This book:

Sarah Lowndes’ “Social Sculpture

These movies by Lynne Ramsay:

Morvern Callar

This Author & his famous book:

Alasdair Gray & Lanark

“Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation”

A time-capsule to 2014 in Glasgow:

More recently added:

This shortened bibliography:

  • Mother tongue: The White Aesthetic Necessitated by the 'Glasgow Miracle' (2013)

  • Sarah Tripp: You Are of Vital Importance to the Art World (2012)

  • It Wisnae Us by Stephen Mullen

These other online links about contemporary culture:

These art pieces made about Glasgow by FOREIGNERS: