Detail shots of people meeting people

From Left to Right:
Ross, Rosie, Michaela, Anna, John, Andy, Cedric, Corrie, Bryce

I don’t look like I was having any fun, all my friends were there, it was terrible.

Bryce and Anna
John, Brendan, Gwenan, Rosie
Gwenan and Amanda
(unknown person in ball pit)
(unknown feet)

Bryce and Lex

Bryce in foreground, Andy T & Rosie (and Brandon) in the background

(Unknown feet)

I recognize Gwenan and Brandon in the back
Corrie and Ellie
Goerge, Lisa, and Darius
Lex, Ross, Rosie, Bryce, Corrie, Ellie
(I don’t rmemeber this guy’s name) Rosie, Cedric, Ross, John
Michaela, Anna, Corrie


Went back at night later to document some more...