”OVER OVER OVER” refers to connected art exhibitions that bring artists from Glasgow to Detroit and vice versa. This project is rooted in Artist-Curator Cedric Tai's introduction to the artistic community of Glasgow, which he saw as having similarities to Detroit's developing art scene. These cities could serve as an ideal model for artists to re-imagine each others potential.

By facilitating an exchange and opening it up to the public, there is a unique opportunity to explore what it means to be an artist, creating and sustaining art practices in these cities. Cedric Tai initiated the project with five Glasgow-based artists, Tessa Lynch, Francis McKee, John Nicol, Rosie O'Grady, and Ross Sinclair.

The project has been awarded the 2015 Knight Arts Challenge Grant, meaning that the conversations will continue in Phase 2, generating connecting points, more exhibitions and curatorial projects between Detroit, Glasgow and all over.


Participating artists 

2018 Glasgow
Corrie Baldauf
Olayami Dabls
Bryce Detroit
Michaela Mosher
Andrew Thompson 
Graem Whyte

2015 Detroit
Tessa Lynch (personal website)
Francis McKee (personal website)
John Nicol (personal website) 
Rosie O’Grady (personal website)
Ross Sinclair (personal website)

Thank Yous

This project would not have been possible without the support of: Rachel Yezbick, Rosie Sharp, Julia Yezbick and Ben Gaydos, Denise and Gary Yezbick, Ann and Tony Tai, Cezanne Charles, Simone DeSousa Gallery, The Hinterlands, Popps Packing, and the Knight Foundation.

The artists would also like to thank the following for their generous assistance in the production and/or research of new work: Joe Krause, Lynn Crawford, Efe Bes, The Staff at Avalon Bakery, Matt Eaton, Corrie Baldauf, Michaela Mosher, Steve Panton, Olayami Dabls, Marie Hermann, Lisa Ure, Daniel Sperry, Alissa Lamarre, Laura Mott, Scott Hocking, ‘Cave, Chris Schneider, Butter Projects, Stephanie Glazier, Rick Smith, Ben Hernandez, Michaela Mosher, Sabrina Nelson, Steven Cherry, and Adele Patrick


Congratulations! You found an easter egg within this website. Below is a link to some previously unpublished and private correspondence between the curator Cedric Tai and the artists from back in 2014.

A primer to Detroit sent to the Glasgow-based artists

Previously Unpublished, online temporarily

A Primer to Glasgow sent to the Detroit-based artists

Coming Soon