All Ephemera gathered during Phase 2

(Mostly Glasgow International 2018) Note: Images are largest and readable on a desktop computer, but you can swipe to the Left on mobile. If I happened to miss your event feel free to send along your documents to be added.

Most corresponding images of the art exhibitions can be found in the Project Log of Phase 2 here.

A. Alan Dimmick Postcards, “Ascending Delight” (Savoy Center)

B. The Briggait, Brut

C. Chamber of Maiden Thought, Chapter 13, The Common Guild

D. Douglas Morland

G. Glasgow International, “Good Luck”, Govanhill Baths, GY Fest

H. House for an Art Lover

I. iQuiha

K. Koppe Astner

L. Laurieston Arches, The Loop

M. Mary Mary, Material Objects, Michelle Hannah, Mitchell Library

N. Nasher Prize Panel Discussion

O. Old Hairdressers

Q. Queen’s Park Railway Club, “Queer Identity”

R. Radclyffe Hall, Ragnar Jónasson (Hold the Door) 

S. “Show Me Your Glow”, “Stud Work”

T. Torsten Lauschmann, Tramway, Trongate 103

U. Urara Tschuiya

W. “We Disappear”


Glasgow Women’s Library

Workers (unknown source)