Phase 2 : Glasgow, May 2018

Phase 2 of OverOverOver is based on Detroit artists visiting the city of Glasgow during May 2018. After being informed about the Scottish city through texts, anecdotes and websites, their presence will result in not just a presentation of their individual practices and ideas, but also an exchange of artists strategies. 

Exhibition 18th of May - 3rd of June   Preview 17th of May, 6pm
New Glasgow Society
Corrie Baldauf, Olayami Dabls, Bryce Detroit, Michaela Mosher, Andrew Thompson, Graem Whyte

Further Details:
  • Open Tuesday - Friday, 3 pm - 6 pm and Saturday - Sunday, 10 am - 4 pm

(More Documentation coming soon! In the meantime here’s all the ephemera)

‘Long Table Discussion’ 13th of May, 5:30pm
Glasgow Autonomous Space
With participating artists as well as
Lynn Crawford, Francis McKee, John Nicol, Ross Sinclair, Cedric Tai, Anna Tudos

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excerpt from the Curatorial Statement:

“Over Over Over” began as a modest attempt to connect Detroit/Glasgow based-artists who already work in communal ways. The plan has always been to engage: by putting on public panels and exhibitions to explore life in each respective city. But on a deeper level, the project is about making the necessary time for reflection and engagement with people in different locales in order to be surprised with the new. The artists switch roles as guests and hosts in order to be able to explore their ideas in another city and context and to share experiences in-person. (...) To lead with curiosity, the project is very much open. What do we do now with the hope of bringing in more resources, more people, trying to make more time? (...) I do believe we should start with trusting our best selves, and stop a bad habit of thinking that the answers are just in the ‘successful’ places, or just in one place. For are they not somewhere over over over? “


We would like to thank The Knight Foundation, Ross Sinclair, John Nicol, Tessa Lynch, Francis McKee, Rosie O’ Grady, Lisa Ure, Penny Anderson, Christine Borland, everyone who donated to the Kickstarter and of course the artists!



Places Visited:

Project Log


Graem Whyte’s piece has arrived! It has a box and it will be travelling.

“The piece itself is titled
'A Sampler for Glasgow' and features the components (top to bottom)
'A Wee Spark', cast bronze,
'Walks Like a Turkey But Flies Like A Man', turkey feather,
'Mini-Incinerator', painted wood,
'Fibonacci's Ancestors', carved wood,
'I Yam What I Yam', pipe,
'Comedic Relief', rubber chicken foot

and the case is called 'The Case'“

Andy T’s Reflections

“ Other reflections of my experiences are the ways in which the organizations Over Over Over worked with reminded me of organizations in Detroit, and also are spaces that Detroit institutions could learn from and build upon their models. Kinning Park Complex (where we had our temporary studio) felt very much like a mash-up of the Burton School building with Cass Community Commons, EARTHWORKS/Capuchin Soup Kitchen, and Hatch Art. The model utilized the revenue from renting artists studios on the upper floors to help cover the bottom line of keeping the space open and minimum staff members employed. The two main halls in the building are for classes, workshops, and free/pay-what-you-can community meals. The whole endeavor was focused on social justice and empowering folks on the margins in Glasgow. And they've been around for 22 years! They of course need more financial support and stability to keep the good work going. (they have a Donate button on their website!)

New Glasgow Society, that is hosting our exhibition felt very much like Public Pool gallery in Hamtramck, a small, yet mighty venue for exhibitions, readings, and events. It is an all volunteer-run organization in a high-profile store front in a distinct neighborhood, complete with a trap-door in the gallery floor for basement storage! NGS has been around since the 60's, let's hope that Public Pool can serve Hamtramck/Detroit for as long as well!

Lastly, Glasgow Autonomous Space, who hosted the long table reminds me very much of the model of the Trumbellplex, an event space, work space, and home of an alternative library! GAS is very different physically, being in a warehouse with lots of skylights (to help keep energy usage down), and more dedicated space to building/making. But all in all the folks I met at all really felt like kindred spirits to artists/activists in Detroit.

I do wanna give a shout out to Tam and Alan who spoke with us at GalGael! Their organization also felt kindred to Detroit, but in a way that hasn't yet manifested in Detroit. Their philosophy and approach utilizes cultural traditions in making things in a rehabilitating way. Like a mash-up of Dabls' MBAD African Bead Museum, Cass Community Social Services, and The Writers Block. Very inspirational model for developing opportunities for people to train and improve their personal situations...

Here's one way Glasgow is NOT like Detroit: Even though pubs are open 'til midnight or later, nearly every kitchen closes by 9/10pm! There's no Honest Johns, no Detroit One Coney Island, but at least they do have Tesco Express! (like a really small CVS just for food).”

5/19 (right around midnight of 5/18)


The last days in Glasgow before we all went our separate ways...

Finally made it to the Glasgow Women’s Library and got to tour the archive with Rosie O’Grady! 


Updated Curatorial Statement:

Cedric Tai: Hey Anna, thanks for agreeing to re- do the curatorial statement with me.

(It is 5 pm as we are transcribing this on an unusually sunny week in Glasgow, 1 hour before the opening at 6 pm)

I don’t think a full-page block of text is appropriate for what this exhibition is now that it’s all up. I do feel like I have a little better idea of what the project is after the long table discussion.

Anna Tudos: This is the latest I’ve ever worked on a project, normally I’d have the day to just get stuff leisurely, but it’s ok, it all got done. I think your idea makes sense, the whole project really has been about conversations and you’ve said that the exhibition is kind of secondary. So what do you think made the project shift for you?

Cedric Tai: So I realized during the Long Panel, that I really did spend 5 years for those 3 hours that just took place at Glasgow Autonomous Space. I was amongst friends and the conversation kept restarting. It started with talking about being considerate or making space, but after each awkward start and stop, it would just restart, people talking about their worries and what they really want for the future, if we think we can even do these things.

Afterwards people affirmed to me that this artist focused project was different but realistic of where people are at, and that made it feel like a new kind of model. I know I would say that it was an important alternative model, but I thought I was just bullshitting, you know for community art funding or whatever. I am curious if you think it’s worth thinking about it like that, like a model?

Anna Tudos:  You mean like in other places? Well, I guess I never really thought about it that much, but this is the first time I’ve worked on a project like this. It did feel quite natural. I’ve just been hanging out with Cedric and Cedric’s friends. This is kind of a lot already. I don’t think we have enough time to do your new statement.

5/13 - 5/16

I don’t have any pictures, but from these dates but you know what? Here’s photos from the exhibition instead!


We all get on a train to get picked up by Ross Sinclair to check out Cove Park and have some food, see his and Christine Borland’s studio in Helensburgh. Corrie also sets up an impromptu photoshoot.

Cedric visits Chapter 13 while the rest of the crew visit the Glasgow Museum Resource Centre. An interview will be coming soon with Bryce Detroit and Cedric Tai



(Cedric) Corrie Baldauf and Andrew Thompson saw no problem with there being a delay in getting supplies to the gallery. We ordered some more extra wood from B & Q (their Home Depot?) to get everything started and they walked it all the way to Central Station. From there, I walked the wood the rest of the way to New Glasgow Society and started to set up the exhibition from there. I told them it would be a ridiculous idea, but I also didn’t want to pull an all-nighter the day before the exhibition.

They said it would be an art piece, and he brought up that I’ve made plenty of other1 transit2 videos3. I liked thinking about the journey of this processed wood, and how long it takes for wood to grow, and the vantage point of this wood. Sometimes it seems absurd how quick of a use this kind of cheaper wood gets sometimes. How could a walk compare to those different experiences of time? This project was about slowing down after all, so I had to agree, it seemed like a thing to do.

Protip: a good rule of thumb is to try to get supplies/services about 3 days in advance of when you actually need it, because there will be that many days of delays. This is not a country all about the customer service, it’s about queuing patiently.


Visited Tam @ GalGael, the Thursday dinners are still going on! (Same time though as Kinning Park Complex)


I silkscreened bags probably just for this photoshoot. (I’m still working on getting Kickstarter Schwag to everyone)

5/7 More details about the G.I. exhibitions here

Secret art (body parts) hidden amongst your average shop “Good Luck”

Visited House for an Art Lover

One of the only days that Rachel was in town the same day as the Detroit crew (minus Bryce) and one of the only days that all of these artists were sharing the same space (Craig Mulholland and HOMMAGES: NEU PNEUMATIK!)


Part of Andrew Thompsons’s Art

“One of the pieces I created for Over Over Over was "Belle Isle Bricks" from found river stones on the shores of Belle Isle in the Detroit River between the US and Canada. The stones were originally clay bricks from demolished buildings that were then used for land reclamation to shape the island's shoreline. After decades of washing in the water, the rubble has become rounded and palm-sized. I then  wrapped them in handmade cotton paper from my used Carhartt work pants. I gave these Belle Isle Bricks away individually to people with whom I felt I had made some connection during my time in Glasgow. At last count, I have given 40 away directly, and there are many more in the gallery at New Glasgow Society for visitors to take a little piece of Detroit and AndyT with them.”



It’s my birthday! Artists have arrived! (Must keep them awake) We are staying at Garnethill Street and West Graham Street (where Great Western Road stops being great?)

First things first was showering, then the Trans Europe Cafe for stomach reasons and then art can be seen. I (cedric) gave a weird half of a tour walking from Cowcaddens to St. Enoch and felt that funny position as a host/guest/tourist.

After checking out the venues around Trongate 103 we ventured to catch the event we got tickets for at GoMA where we met some cool folk at GoMA (Abicune? from Many Studios) then split up for the evening. That event was based on a workshop where we got to hear a fascinating script reading where all references from a 1968s James Baldwin documentation with Horace Ove were updated to present day Glasgow.

From someone in the audience: “I just really wanted to thank imsorryyouruncomfortable for running this event even though I wasn’t there it was really fantastic to hear Baldwin’s words read in a Glasgow context and it sounded like it was just written for a like, every word was appropriate.”  

I followed some of them to an opening where Mary Mary used to be where I ran into some MFA folk who graduated 1 year after me and some people who graduated one year after him. I also met a DJ from Edinburgh (Francis) who offered to give a tour of the art scene and described it in an ominous way.

Corrie Baldauf connected with Becca Pelly-fry who she met in London and there was a jubilant time at the wee pub!

Cedric and Rachel will be visiting Ross Sinclair’s place and then hitting the 2nd to last of the G.I. venues, this time House for An Art Lover & Govan. On the last day checking out the East side venues.

More ‘Good Luck’ artwork, this time embeded in the charity shops


Artists have arrived! And I forgot that sometimes we mediate reality at other points online:

Michaela Mosher’s Instagram (Michaela at Night)

Corrie Baldauf’s Instagram

Cedric Tai’s Instagram
Andrew Thompson’s Instagram

Bryce Detroit’s Instagram
as he is coming on the 8th!

More photos from things we checked out!

(Exhibitions in Laurieston incl.  Michelle Hannah... more art in the arches)



Thor Sigurthorsson & Ragnar Jónasson

Radclyffe Hall


Met up with Lisa Ure again after hitting spaces and things around Laurieston, artists arrive tomorrow! (Checked out  the Common Guild + G.I. venues @ the Mitchell Library)



(Checked out Savoy Tower + whatever the programs that were open @ the CCA, Savoy Centre & Glasgow School of Art)



Checked out the Southside spaces(Queens Park Railway Club, Yon Afro Collective, Govanhill Baths)


(coming soon)


(coming soon)


(coming soon)


Litter a churr

I didn’t realize that part of a recent interview with me for Sarah Lowndes latest book “Contemporary Artists working outside the city” is online if you want to  check it out, beginning with a description of Detroit.

And what kind of flawed introduction have I been giving to the Detroit artists? We kicked it off with a coloring book guide to Glasgow by Anna Tüdős

page 17 of 32

and she also recommended: 

And I shared some excerpts from what I had laying around:

And finally, here’s the book that has been making its rounds, so it’s only fitting to be donating this Detroit author (adrienne maree brown) to the library at the Glasgow Autonomous Society (if they don’t have it already).

4/6 Updates:

  • Dabls won’t be able to come but Bryce Detroit has been nominated to represent him and also bring himself and work! 

  • Graem Whyte is back from his artist and residency and will be representing his reflections when travelling in a new piece to be debuted.

  • I’ve got an interesting plan for the layout

  • Andrew Thompson has been busy with other things, but he got his picture in the news

“I’m trying to fight for a better system. Well, the US education is falling apart because of overreliance on part time faculty.”

On what he’s planning at the moment:
“Wherever I am, I’m all in. I do spend moments imagining what I might make and then I test hypotheticals in my brain, then I’ll know how to take action, so I don’t know.” - Andy T

  • Got an update from Corrie B as well!

“ I've been trying to figure out if I could boat my truck to Glasgow and/or London and do some sort of paint project with it. My truck has been broken for the majority of this semester.


Making art along the lines of public transportation and advocating for reading. I'm reading Gravity's Rainbow and would like to find a way to work with a MEG technician to see how color flagging while I read links to longer attention spans. There is a neurology research center in Glasgow-- or near it” - Corrie Baldauf

Coming soon: Our current agenda which undoubtedly will change a lot! Also More teasers from Michaela, Bryce, Dabls, and Graem.

Auction supporting the realisation of Phase 2 (29.10.2017)

An Opinionated Primer to Glasgow (in progress)

Detroit Drawing Meeting notes (21.12.2017)
  • Most artists will be coming in on May 5th! 

  • Deciding on day trips around Scotland

  • Important tips from travelling musician on what she brings to not get sick on a plane.

  • We’ll need proper jackets.