Phase 2 : Glasgow, May 2018

Phase 2 of OverOverOver is based on Detroit artists visiting the city of Glasgow during May 2018. After being informed about the Scottish city through texts, anecdotes and websites, their presence will result in not just a presentation of their individual practices and ideas, but also an exchange of artists strategies. Tackling the common challenges of the two locations brings up questions such as how to embrace progress as failure or what possible forms can a supportive network take.

Panel Discussion 13th of May, 6pm
Glasgow Autonomous Space
With participating artists as well as
Lynn Crawford, Francis McKee, John Nicol, Ross Sinclair, Cedric Tai, Anna Tudos

Exhibition 18th of May - 4th of June
Preview: 17th of May, 6pm
New Glasgow Society
Corrie Baldauf, Olayami Dabls, Bryce Detroit, Michaela Moshe, Cedric Tai, Andrew Thompson, Graem Whyte

Project Log

Auction supporting the realisation of Phase 2 (29.10.2017)
An Opinionated Primer to Glasgow (in progress)

Detroit Drawing Meeting notes (21.12.2017)
  • Most artists will be coming in on May 5th! 

  • Deciding on day trips around Scotland

  • Important tips from travelling musician on what she brings to not get sick on a plane.

  • We’ll need proper jackets.

4/6 Updates:

  • Dabls won’t be able to come but Bryce Detroit has been nominated to represent him and also bring himself and work! 

  • Graem Whyte is back from his artist and residency and will be representing his reflections when travelling in a new piece to be debuted.

  • I’ve got an interesting plan for the layout

  • Andrew Thompson has been busy with other things, but he got his picture in the news

“I’m trying to fight for a better system. Well, the US education is falling apart because of overreliance on part time faculty.”

On what he’s planning at the moment:
“Wherever I am, I’m all in. I do spend moments imagining what I might make and then I test hypotheticals in my brain, then I’ll know how to take action, so I don’t know.” - Andy T

  • Got an update from Corrie B as well!

“ I've been trying to figure out if I could boat my truck to Glasgow and/or London and do some sort of paint project with it. My truck has been broken for the majority of this semester.


Making art along the lines of public transportation and advocating for reading. I'm reading Gravity's Rainbow and would like to find a way to work with a MEG technician to see how color flagging while I read links to longer attention spans. There is a neurology research center in Glasgow-- or near it” - Corrie Baldauf

Coming soon: Our current agenda which undoubtedly will change a lot! Also More teasers from Michaela, Bryce, Dabls, and Graem.